We’ve heard the month of August being associated with new beginnings, and harvest. We can truly say that rings true for our family. We have one child going to middle school. (WHAT!?) OUR BABY is going to big girl’s school. What in the french toast are we going to do?! August is always a busy month for our family with back to school, but with a new business, OUR VIDEO CHANNEL LAUNCHING, and still cranking the grill up every weekend, this August is a little crazy. So we vowed this month to be more intentional about our love, our about our lives, and about all that is new and beautiful in it because life goes by so fast! 

We’re trying a foodie bucket list this month, attempting to get out more and enjoy one another more despite the busyness of life. You should join us with your boo! Follow the #ChewsyLoversBucketList hashtag on social media. We’ll also be sharing some other cool things this month like back to school lunch ideas, solving your everyday dinner dilemmas, some sexy meals and “quickies” to try at home, and of course our favorite thing ever…TAILGAITING, because the most wonderful time of the year is HERE! Let’s get to it! 

What's Cooking?